What Is Ingreso Cybernetico / IC Tool Suite?

Ed Cabrera - Online Marketing ConsultantWelcome to my Ingreso Cybernetico Tool Suite website. My name is Edwin Cabrera. I’m a NYC retired teacher, a senior martial arts instructor, a health and fitness instructor.

I have been an online marketing consultant for several years. I have been involved with a few MLM companies throughout my marketing career and have had some success with each of them.

I am really excited about this company, because it has all the tools and training you need to become a successful online marketer. As a professional marketer you need professional marketing tools like web hosting, an auto-responder, apps, capture pages and effective online marketing training. In addition, you need a compensation plan that pays you immediately to cover your immediate over head expenses plus a monthly residual income for long term income.

As an online marketing consultant there is a certain criteria I look for before I ever get involved in a network marketing opportunity. I know the best online marketing products are essential to the success of the network marketing community.

In this website, I will explain everything you need to know about IC Tool Suite so you have the information you need to make an informative decision.

Online marketing is about developing relationships and team building. I’m a natural born teacher. I love to work with people and teach them how to build a successful online business.

Take a good look at this awesome opportunity.

I am here to help you build your online business.

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IC Tool Suite Company History

Why is the name Ingreso Cybernetico on my website for IC Tool Suite?

Ingreso Cybernetico (IC) is a company that has been in business now for over 2.5 years based out of Columbia South America. Juan Carlos Olaya, founder and president of IC is a highly successful internet marketer in South America since the early 2000′s. Mr. Olaya had the vision of building a company that would be affordable to all people around the world and that is just exactly what he did.

With the creation of Ingreso Cybernetico and adding key people with proven success records to his organization such as CEO Dwayne Golden, and CIO Justin Patel, Juan has been able to create a company that has helped thousands of people all across the continent of South America build rich and successful lives for themselves and their families.

Ingreso Cybernetico Goes Global With IC Tool Suite

After 14 months of research, planning, and hard work from the IC team. With the company on a solid financial foundation and a long-term plan for success it was now time to share this opportunity to the rest of the world. Juan decided to take Ingreso Cybernetico to the next level. GLOBAL!!!

Hence: IC Tool Suite. Since the company was originally formed for the Spanish-speaking countries they felt they needed to change the name to a more common one for the rest of the world and that is how IC Tool Suite was formed. It is a suite of online marketing tools essential for building a successful network marketing business.

As of November of 2013, IC Tool Suite is new to the online marketing world. There is a huge potential for amazing growth in the months and years to come.

What Makes IC Tool Suite Different From The Rest?

  • 2×2 Forced Non Splitting Follow Me Matrix
  • 7 Points Of Entry 
  • Residual Income On The Back End
  • Back Office For Tracking Your Business
  • Free Hosting
  • Free Capture Pages
  • Free Auto Responder
  • $500 And $1000 Monthly Car Bonuses
  • Free 30 Day Marketing Training Course For Your Success
  • Corporate Training Webinars
  • Our Team Weekly Training And Support
  • Skype And FaceBook Support
  • Live Chat Company Support
  • Monthly Contests Worth $1000′s
  • And Sooooo Much More.

IC Tool Suite Products

IC Tool Suite’s products are all made in-house, consolidating the essential tools for internet marketing success. Making it Ingreso cybernetico toolseasier and more affordable to get and manage everything you will need to build your network marketing business.. Some of the products include capture pages, auto-responder, hosting, cloud service, digital products, learn Spanish, English or Portugese classes, domain names, a 30 day training program for immediate success.

For more information on the products and the compensation plan take a look below.

IC Tool Suite Compensation Plan

IC Tool Suite is a 2×2 matrix with 6 different entry points with more to come. Not only do you get paid weekly but there is also additional long-term residual income built into the back-end which is just simply amazing.

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The Battle Of The Auto-Responders: IC Tool Suite Vs. Aweber

Which Auto-Responder Is Better: IC Tool Suite or Aweber?

Most network marketers agree that Aweber has the most experience, very reliable and is the standard for auto-reponders on the net.
I will admit that I have Aweber and I have no complaints, it’s an excellent product.
But, I have never compared it with any other autoresponder software company.
I was told it was good and I went along with the suggestion.

Now, I have had the opportunity to compare it with IC Magic Responder by Ingreso Cybernetico, as part of it’s marketing tools package.
I will admit that I am in the experimental phase. As, I am in the process of building a list with IC Magic responder.
But, I was able to compare all the features the software has and I found them to be comparable.

Take a look at the video to get a better idea of how the features work and how very similar they are to Aweber.

I am in the process of building a list, broadcasting to the list and evaluating the dependability of the delivery. I will report back when I have more info.


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